Laetitia’s by Mario Canal.

Dear Diane, dear Shaded Viewers,

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having lunch with Leticia Lara, the stylist and designer behind the Laetitia's shoes. We went together to college -many moons ago, like Diane would say- and despite we both studied journalism her life has revolved around fashion and this project that I've always loved, the Laetitia's.

The shoes are iconic and extremely edgy and cute at the same time. But what also makes them special is the manufacturing quality and the materials used. First class ballerina's, really. Being attire by conceptualism, I also love the idea of declining a base pattern into different models and heights (flat and heeled) and not feeling tired by repetitiveness. 

Of course, Leticia's wonderful smile and casual classyness helps to sell the deal…




Mario Canal

Arts writer and art curator. Spaniard from Madrid with Parisian accent. Used to steal my sister's magazines but fashion is elsewhere now. It's something else. Trying to figure this out while putting new creative projects together.