Artificial CLimates at la Fondation EDF in Paris October 4 – February 28th curated by Camille Morineau

Dear Shaded Viewers,

 Climats artificiels, will open in Paris during the Climate Control Conference. The exhibition will include 30 exhibitions, videos and photographs expressing the vision of contemporary artists:  Yoko Ono, Ange Leccia, Marina Abramovic, Laurent Grasso, Hans Haacke, Hicham Berrada and Charlotte Charbonnel…on their vision of the  future of our planet.

(c) Chris Morin, Paris Opera Garnier

Fondation EDF – Climats Artificiels Champs d'Ozone

Fondation EDF – Climats Artificiels, Hicham Berrada, Celeste

Fondation EDF – Climats Artificiels Laurent Grasso

(c) Sonia Brass Force #13


Diane Pernet

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