SPIN by lablaco Presents Phygital Fashion With “Web3 Fashion • The Origin Story” – A First of Its Kind Meta Retail Immersive Experience at Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées till January 26th

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 Experience the future of circular retail with SPIN in collaboration with CFS HUB. The leading Web3 mixed reality marketplace for fashion, art, and architecture will present Web3 Fashion • The Origin Story, a meta-retail exhibition at Galeries Lafayette ChampsElysées. Visitors will be able to use both fiat currencies or their cryptocurrencies to purchase exclusive phygital NFTs from leading independent designers from across the globe using Crypto.com pay. 

In Part 1  •  The Dream, we invite guests to face the realities of fashion waste head on. In Web2, the end point of beauty, fashion, and creativity is often harmful to the planet. But in Web3, we witness how transparency and traceability promote accountability.

In Part II  •  New Perspective, guests are transported to a VR reimagining of the @galarieslafayettechampselysees atrium, where nature is the protagonist. Explore our collection of phygital garments and accessories from CFS HUB designers like @auro.boros and @untitlab.

In Part III • Come To Life, guests shop a curation of garments and accessories through a personalized AR experience on SPIN. All purchases on the Web3 mixed-reality marketplace are made-to-order. Scan the QR code to explore the collection now.

4 — 26 January 2023
Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées

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The mixed-reality exhibition is curated into three chapters to experience through AR and VR technologies powered by SPIN. The journey invites customers to face the realities of fashion waste head-on and to trace how this excess can be transformed and reused through digitization and circular retail models in Web3.

I • The Dream

II • New Perspective

III • Come to Life

The experience opens with a representation of the creative dreams of designers. The whole Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées main entrance gallery made by the architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group is wrapped with poster waste from the streets of Paris, photographed next to the store in September 2022 during Paris Fashion Week. Today, it has been transformed into a 3D artwork in the form of an NFT. This opening asks us to reflect on the endpoint of creative production. In Web2, the end point of beauty, fashion, and creativity is often harmful to the planet. But in Web3, we witness how fashion waste can transform into valuable artwork and activate a digitized and connected circular economy.

As customers step through the waste of Web2 fashion, they are then invited to experience the future of Web3 circular retail via SPIN. The exhibition’s physical build is constructed from upcycled materials and centers on a virtual reality (VR) exhibition and direct-to-avatar try-on of phygital wearable NFT works curated by 37 Fashion and Science

Catalysts from CFS HUB. Finally, the exhibition culminates in an augmented reality (AR) display of CFS HUB wearables available for purchase as both physical and digital versions of the items.

CFS HUB is a platform that curates artists, solutions, and creators and provides a space to accelerate the transition toward a digitized circular fashion system. At Web3 Fashion The Origin Story, CFS HUB and its designers take center stage. Supported by Keing with their Material Innovation Lab, these designers and innovators collaborate to pilot sustainable and circular IoT (Internet of things) products. These products are available to explore and purchase physically and digitally in the form of phygital NFTs via SPIN’S AR and VR technology at Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées. All purchases at the exhibition are accessible using both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies with official partner Crypto.com, the world’s fastest-growing platform of its kind. 

With the application of SPIN, customers can also discover each product’s provenance and customer ownership timeline, which is authentically traced on Flow blockchain, as part of a wider partnership between lablaco and Dapper Labs to bring sustainable blockchain to SPIN’s phygital NFT marketplace. On Flow blockchain, the minting of a single NFT takes less energy than an Instagram post, making Flow one of the most sustainable blockchains available. 

Customers can access the Flow-backed NFT marketplace, SPIN, through the industry’s first SPIN Connect IoT label printer. The technology prints unique QR-code fabric labels that are then sewn onto each garment at the manufacturing level. Using any smartphone, customers can easily scan the code to visualize the item’s journey, impact, and ownership via AR (with their phones) and VR (with Meta Quest headsets). Garments are displayed on SPIN ART digital mannequins for a personalized shopping experience.

Customers receive digital ownership of the 3D digital twins of the garments in the SPIN Vault (the equivalent of a crypto wallet) that unlock made-to-order purchases of their physical counterparts using fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies via Crypto.com. To avoid dead-stock, all creations will only be ethically made-to-order as phygital NFTs, including both 3D digital twins and physical garments with global home delivery. Items can also be purchased purely digitally as digital NFTs.

Extending beyond product, as part of the exhibition, a series of IRL talks will also be hosted in the Glass Staircase, 1st floor of Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées, featuring a curated group of changemakers and creative pioneers in art, fashion, technology, and music, with the purpose of creating awareness around the possibilities of technology and the circular economy. Additionally, a program to meet the CFS HUB creators will be presented in VR. Here, all participants will speak with the inventors and designers behind the products. 

The Web3 circular retail model has the potential to revolutionize the way customers shop and consume. By working together, SPIN by lablaco, Galeries Lafayette ChampsElysées, Dapper Labs, and Crypto.com are making this vision a reality. The exhibition sets a new standard for circular retail, as it activates transparency and customer ownership and amplifies the augmented product experience for the next generation of sustainable products. 

 SPIN is the leading Web3 mixed-reality marketplace for fashion, art, and architecture. Calling on the blockchain, augmented reality, and virtual reality, SPIN enables companies to implement circular business models by connecting physical products with 3D digital twins via IoT labels. SPIN, the curated Web3 marketplace, empowers verified creators to easily list, tokenize and transact phygital NFTs with end-to-end traceable digital ownership and XR applications. SPIN is accessible through web and Meta Quest VR headsets.

 lablaco is the leading Web3 circular fashion ecosystem, connecting stakeholders in a multi-dimensional circular economy for Luxury and Culture. Lablaco is enabling fashion evolution through open discourse, impact design, and digital ownership powered by blockchain. Through phygital fashion, art, and architecture we are redefining the relationships between suppliers, designers, brands, retailers, content creators, and individual customers with transparency and circularity. 

 CFS, aka Circular Fashion System, is the Web3 hub of fashion, science, and culture. Through three major touchpoints: media, events, and consulting, CFS is forging the Web3 circular fashion system for the next-gen community. Connecting a global network of fashion industry key stakeholders, CFS fosters sustainable growth by activating results-driven goals with innovative solutions to its biggest challenges: waste, inequality, and cultural disconnect. CFS Summit is the world’s largest annual fashion VR gathering on the Paris Fashion Week agenda, hosted at the digital twin of the Grand Palais in SPIN VR, activating collaborative goals to accelerate the transition to a digitized circular economy.

 Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées is located at 60 avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris since 2019. The Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées store aims to offer its Parisian, French, and international visitors a completely new retail model in line with new forms of consumption. With the largest retail spaces on the avenue, this 6,500 sq.m. concept presents an inspiring and surprising product selection as well as exclusive collaborations and events to provide its clients with a unique shopping experience amplified by architecture and digital innovations. 

 Crypto.com, founded in 2016, is trusted by more than 70 million customers worldwide and is the industry leader in regulatory compliance, security, and privacy certifications. Our vision is simple: Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet™. Crypto.com is committed to accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrency through innovation and empowering the next generation of builders, creators, and entrepreneurs to develop a fairer and more equitable digital ecosystem. Learn more at https://crypto.com

Dapper Labs, the company behind CryptoKitties, NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day, UFC Strike, and the Flow blockchain, uses blockchain technology to bring NFTs and new forms of digital engagement to fans around the world, paving the way to a more open and inclusive digital world starting with games and entertainment.

 Flow is a powerful tool for developers to create empowering experiences for users. Every aspect of the platform was designed from the ground up to support exceptional experiences at a mainstream scale. Originally conceived by the team behind CryptoKitties, Flow today is a decentralized network supported and built on by a growing community of  brands and Web3 builders.

 Kering, a global Luxury group, manages the development of a series of renowned Houses in Fashion, Leather Goods, and Jewelry: Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Brioni, Boucheron, Pomellato, DoDo, Qeelin, as well as Kering Eyewear. By placing creativity at the heart of the strategy, they enable their Houses to set new limits in terms of their creative expression while crafting tomorrow’s Luxury in a sustainable and responsible way.

 Meta builds technologies that help people connect, find communities and grow businesses. When Facebook launched in 2004, it changed the way people connect. Apps like Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp further empowered billions around the world. Now, Meta is moving beyond 2D screens toward immersive experiences like augmented and virtual reality to help build the next evolution in social technology.




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