The Wapping Project Bankside July 2 – August 21 Edition VI: Film(ic) Lillian Bassman, Elina Brotherus, Deborah Turbeville and Thomas Zanon-Larcher

Dear Shaded Viewers,

A group exhibition that explores the overlaps and tensions present in film and photography. The exhibition includes film, moving image and photography by Lillian Bassman, Elina Brotherus, Deborah Turbeville and Thomas Zanon-Larcher.

The gallery has selected artists whose practice includes film and moving image or who employ the tropes associated with the cinematic, such as narrative, fiction or the construction of mise en scene in their photographic works. Deborah Turbeville's Krakow series was shot on location at the Cantor Theatre in Poland contain such cinematic qualities. Turbeville takes on the position of a storyteller and pushes the boundaries of fashion photography in order to present fantastical tales filled with unorthodox characters inhabiting an alternative world. THis exhibition touches me because it is exactly what I look for in those fashion photographers that want to morph into filmmakers. Other fashion photographers, Lillian Bassman also employ cinematic strategies in her practice. Visit the site of the wapping project for more information.

Images Courtesy: The Wapping Project Bankside

The Wapping Project Bankside

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Ely House

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Diane Pernet

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