Marthe De Buck – Lucid Swim

This highly technical collection uses different techniques to depict the shimmering and oscillating scales of Japanese koi fish. Metal ringlets create a chain mail that is as sensual as rippling water, digital prints recreate the structure of the scales, and plexi shapes in both transparent and different vibrant colors are embroidered on the silhouettes.

The silhouettes are slashed, referring to the minimal slashes in the canvas by the artist lucio Fontana that create a sensual rip into the fabric, which has been lined, combining the more aggressive side of japanese culture with the soft and poetic side. The silhouettes have minimal shapes and are made from wool crepe and include jacquard trims with thread floating above the surface. Many garments are asymmetrical: one side is more contained and tailored, one is flowing and loosens the structure, adding to the two- sided- ness of the collection. look out for the chain mail trousers, dress and sweater.

This high-tech interpretation of Japanese aesthetics is completed by Japanese shoes with a plexi heel with an oval shape and a plexi clutch cast out of a a plaster mould. 

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