J.W. Anderson, spring 2016 – text by Silvia Bombardini

Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

Farming in the future, is murmured to live on in outer space: so much so that NASA already is testing the prospect of growing crops around the clock up on moon units. Granted, spring 2016 is unlikely to be harvest season yet, but who better than J.W. Anderson could be trusted to look ahead? Little by little, our nearest cosmos is doing away with its conventional reputation as the boundless site of unspeakable dangers, busy with battleships hurrying around at lightning speed – in favour of an aura of intuitively perceptible, lulling quietude. The sublimity of the romantics, revamped for our hypermodern age, lies up above us. Back on earth at the J.W.’s show, sun kissed Luke Skywalkers appear to have retired the lightsaber and caved in to the harmless vanity of times of peace. A chalky jumpsuit printed all over with aqua stylised roses leads a collection infused with creamy, delicate futurism. Crisp denim bottoms softly pleated at the waist, summery canvas and lightweight leather outerwear are paired with a few nude mesh tops minutely enhanced by two simple white feathers or single foxtail. Mystical details in appliqu