Mathias Kiss Ornementation Brutalist at NextLevel Galerie, Paris Color photos by David Zagdoun Black and White by Serge Bouvet

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Mathias Kiss opened his exhibition  'Ornementation Brutaliste' @ NextLevel Galerie in Paris. He makes fun of and pays tribute to the aesthetic of Louis XIV. Mouldings that would normally frame a window, a painting or a mirror are either suspended from the ceiling,  standing tall next to each other as if they were a city scape or hung on the wall like a frame which is not really a frame.

In the second room you will find 24 small golden plaques in various tones of yellow gold. One floor to ceiling golden mirror with frame is like a pure meditation. It was impossible not to linger in front of it. The work is a mix of distant past with a gaze into the future.  

The work on display represents 5 years of developing prototypes while working on private commissions. 

 'Ornementation Brutaliste' @ NextLevel Galerie until July 18th.

8 rue Charlot 

75003 Paris



Diane Pernet

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