Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

The graduates of London College of Fashion will show their graduate collections. The now iconic catwalk show will feature 20 collections styled by LCF’s Creative Director of Fashion & Design, Rob Phillips. The diverse and inspirational collections by students across womenswear, menswear, sportswear, contour, accessories and jewellery will underline the cross-disciplinary and collaborative nature of the fashion industry and highlights the breadth of exceptional talent incubated each year at London College of Fashion, UAL. Seokwoo Lee, Louisa Pang, Nathalie Ballout, Maria Giannakopoulou and Ka Shing Lau are few amongst the graduates of which we got a chance to ask a few questions. Let's talk and preview the graduate collections of this group.

Seokwoo Lee studied Fashion Design technology at LCF and learnt how to express the thought of 'why' and 'what' through the collection. The concept started with the film ‘White Ribbon’ by Michael Haneke, which revolves about German society in 1930. The mood and fashion in the film played a big part in the inspiration and the focuse is placed on moderation and madness of the era and tried to show this through her collection.

Louisa Pang also is a graduate from Fashion Design Technology. Freedom of expression shines through her creations, her work overlaps with the field of art in its creative process and it also overlaps with the field of design through its functionality.

Graduated in Fashion Textiles: Embroidery, Nathalie Ballout's designs reflect her as a whole, her playfulness and ability to play with fashion is present in her creation. The biggest inspiration source for her collection originates from wires. She sees the beauty in them where not many can relate and notices them everywhere. Her vision for the future of the fashion industry means a more diverse, organic, less celebrity fixated, transparent, sustainable and ethical fashion industry

Another graduate from Fashion Textiles: Embroidery who is showing her collection is Maria Giannakopoulou. Her biggest inspiration is the investigation of senses, especially the visualization and materialization of sound via textiles. Deconstructing sound to multiple layers, textures, colours, shapes, levels in combination with her passion for sound art are my biggest inspirations for her collection.

Ka Shing Lau is a graduate in Fashion Design Technology shows a collection based on the idea towards protesting, from the creating to the detail and construction it is bold and out there.  Being inspired by art, streetstyle and artist's work Kenji Lau's collection is collection of varied shapes and influences.

The show will take place on Monday 8 June at 7pm.



Image credits:
Photography: James Rees
Creative Direction: Rob Phillips
Hair: Ezana Ov