Dear Shaded Viewers,

When I visited the still under construction BOERR YARDE BULLER (B-YB) flagship store in Buenos Aires (AR) almost two years ago, the bricklayer’s fresh concrete fragrance was already infused into the ambiance. The rough unfinished space perfectly reflected the minimalist vision that defines Martin Boerr & Agustin Yarde Buller’s work. The interior patio-garden, precious stones, clay, ceramics and other raw materials from remote mines decorated their detailed cosmos

Since then, B-YB collections have been splashed by the enormous hidden treasures that their home country stocks. The influence of desolation and the search for raw materials from within nature’s untouched virginity is evident in all their work; they converge and translate the heritage of beauty from those vast emptied landscapes into modern ready-to-wear. Their expert artisanal hands work rough textures into women’s attire, adding sophistication by polishing traditional ancient techniques in their collaborations.

They delve further into their homeland for inspiration, traveling through the most autochthonous regions of Argentina gathering materials. The capybara leather, felted organic merinos, llama wool and guanaco they use are strongly influenced by the work of Constantin Br

Marcelo Horacio Maquieira Piriz

Designer Consultancy | Retail Development | Media Relations | Buying Adviser