Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

Presse Generale opened their showroom doors for press to discover their featured brands and designers. Here is a quick highlight of the brands at Presse Generale.

Leslie Venus

A bag should be beautiful and practical at the same time, this is exactly what Leslie Venus tried to do with her line of bags. The bags have colored patterns, used as the exterior and lining of the bags. The opening of the bags is actually worn against the body, making it pickpocket aware. The bags are accompanied with two large leather straps, making sure that the bags can be carried as backpack and as a shoulder bag, according to the wishes of the wearer and its occasion.


Acupictura just launched their first womens wear collection, with fabrics originated from France and Italy. The idea is to have one illustration as the main inspiration for every seasonal collection. This illustration is incorporated into the embellishments, prints and shape of the garments. The collection shown at the showroom consist of a wide range of outerwear, tops and dresses all with elements of laser-cuts and modern embellishments.

Peggy Kingg

A collection of bags, using one clear design for each bag. Peggy Kingg has choses to work with one design that makes the bags recongnizable, the design comes in different colours, prints, textures and size. Each item is embossed with the name of the brand and date of production.


Fine jewelry brand that create necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets in gold tones for women. The collection exist of subtle details, small coloured stones and small pendants that decorate their jewelry.