Fashion and Film: The Cross-Pollination Between with Butheina Kazim, co-founder and MD, Cinema Akil, Amato by Furne One and the Vinny doll

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The Dubai experience continues with a few images from my talk with Butheina,Butheina with Dubai designer Ahmed Abdelrahman aka Thamanyah wearing our friends By Regards horn glasses.. a photo of Bong Guerrero, Founder and CEO of Fashion Forward and the Vinny doll on my pillow at my lovely hotel. You can customise anyone you can think of with Middle Eastern designer Ola Dajani. She went from being a lawyer to making a line of contemporary dolls. They are unique and hand made and I can literally feel myself in that doll. Pretty good for someone that had never met me before.

More to come…my trip to Plethora the rare perfume shop in the Dubai Mall.



Diane Pernet

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