ART IN RESIDENCE Guest performance by Carnet de Voyage (Rosey Chan & Mimi Xu) The American Ambassador to France transformed her home into a one-night-only art exhibition for a cocktail party in honor of T magazine, New York Times

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Rosey Chan and Mimi Xu formed Carnet de Voyage (a travelling notebook) in 2014 with the idea of combining music and flm imagery to create a unique genre (classical-electronica) that also draws inspiration from contemporary digital and analogue sources as well as poetry and visual art. Both women share a similar background, being of Chinese origin but growing up in a European context, which gives their work an innovative and original edge. Mimi’s contemporary rhythmic sensibilities combine with Rosey’s classical background to create a highly combustible vibe, as the cinematic elements take the audience on a magical mystery tour. Carnet de Voyage is an ever evolving journey. 





 Instagram: #CDVNewYorkTimes 

Carnet de Voyage with the international president of the NY Times Stephen Dunbar-Johnson and Fanny Ardant 

Photos by Joe Schildhorn/

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