Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

London based designers showcased their collections at Trace showrooms, it was filled with forward thinking and interesting brands and designers. Here is a highlight of 4 designers that I came across at the Trace showrooms.

Nathalie Coleman

Her womenswear collection was inspired by an animated book from her childhood called ‘the Enchanted Wood’ by Enid Blyton. Hand drawn illustration were incorporated into the garment and layered with a transparent fabric on top which also had hand drawn characters from the story. This created a feminine and whimsical collection with a great childhood memory attached.

Charlotte Zimbehl

Specializing in coats Charlotte Zimbehl knows how to design for women, keeping in mind what is flattering and what feels nice. The collection is inspired by her own journey across the globe. She has a special eye for details such as leather buttons to finish off the statement coats.


Just selected by Vogue Italia as the ‘one to watch’ this brand has a great eye for silhouettes and tailoring. Combining high quality material and reinventing cuts and deep dark colors, creates a well-designed and rooted collection of timeless creations.


Inspired by their own cultural background this contemporary fashion label plays with bold prints and illustrated themes referring to the Arabic culture. LNZ is showcasing the essence of their ideology.