A visit to Paul McCarthy’s Chocolate Factory at la Monnai de Paris.

Dear Diane, dear shaded viewers…

I thought you'd might like to check out what Paul McCarthy's show in Paris looks like. We all know what happened to his Xmas tree at Place Vendome and actually the show partially rotates around the agression he suffered the sculpture and the artist himself: there are not only chocolate sculptures -created "in situ" by performers- that are storaged all over the different rooms, but also videos and posters where the artists obsessively writes about that incident.

I can't help wondering how the exhibition was profiled before the agression.

Anyhow, the main ideas behind McCarthy's body work -fluids, consumption, violence, production, accumulation, etc.- are here but there's a lot of restraint -except for the compulsive angry writting- compared to previous works, perhaps because of the context where it's display, the Monnai de Paris, where the coins and paper money was traditionally manufactured in France.

It's a great show that fits perfectly in the spaces and I hughly suggest you not to miss it if you're in town.



Mario Canal

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