Nattofranco Photos by Palden Macgamwell

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The name Nattofranco represents the two parts of the creator, Noemie Sebayashi who is half French and half Japanese.

Natto is a traditional Japanese fermented soybean dish and Franco is for her French half. 

"Nattofranco is a search with the purpose to find the perfect balance between these two identities.These two identities live within me  and come out in my designs.

“I developed two lines:”

“ICHI” narrates a story with prints of fictive characters; it is a collection of Unisex jumpers and t-shirts

“For the first one, I wanted to follow a certain style of illustration that I started to develop in Fashion School. I went for simplified style, kind of close to cartoons.  The primitive aesthetic of the Japanese artist Tadanori Yoku and the Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck are very inspirational for me. The creatures are only represented through cross sections, showing their anatomies and all different kind of medicinal elements.”

“I am now working on “NI” collection, developing elaborate designs, the first collection speaking of reveries based on Sci fi Japanese Art works of 70s and 80s such as Peter Sato or Shusai Nagaoka, I want to express the recurring fantasy on the Female body, the cult of the athletic chair etc.”

Photos by Palden Macgamwell

Art director by Noemie Sebayashi

Styled by Benjamin Brouillet 

Model Marcel Pawlas

Assistant Verene Hutten



Diane Pernet

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