Dear Shaded Viewers,

My dear friend Rosa Orrantia and Persuade team organised an amazing event celebrating Margiela. It started out with a screening at the Guggenheim Bilbao. For me there are two not to be missed destinations in Bilbao, the Guggenheim and Persuade. I know it is strange to say one could actually live in a store but I feel so comfortable  in Persuade surrounded by such beauty that I have the feeling that I could actually  move in.

After the We Margiela screening there was a panel discussion followed by a poetry reading by two Basque singers, I did not understand a word but felt the emotion. I forgot to add before that Karina Narkisian, Commercial Director of Issey Miyake, and I went out to have the most delicious lunch, thank you Rosa…if you are not already aware of it, this is the region in the world with some of the best food. After the poetry reading my new friend, DJ Karrouhat and I weathered the storms  to arrive at an exhibition of Margiela and if I got this right it consisted of pieces bought by Persuade’s clients and lent for the exhibition. This was followed by a party at a wonderful old world hotel oh, I forgot to mention the book…Charo…based on the private collection of Alex Gonzalez Cano.

Charo / A book published by La Ribagorzana / A collection by Alex G. Cano / All clothes and accessories by Martin Margiela and Maison Martin Margiela / Photography by Daniel Riera / As worn by Andrea Mendieta, Charo Mora, Elena Cardona, Georgina Ordinas and Rosa Orrantia / Text by Charo Mora / English version by Tim J. Morris / Design by Daniel Ayuso. The book is a 3 kilo  treasure but more about that very soon on a separate post.

Our host, Rosa Orrantia, certainly knows how to make one feel a warm welcome and put the perfect mix of people together. Bravo Rosa, you did it well and the intense rains did not stop anyone from attending.



Diane Pernet

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