ANDREW GALLIMORE by RANKIN – the 4th installment of Rankin’s beauty book series charting British history through make-up

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Interested in tracking the British history through make-up? Rankin teams up with Hunger's Beauty-Editor-At-Large, Andrew Gallimore to showcase their creative partnership through the years, some has been created exclusively for this hard-bound coffee table book. The portraits in the book take their inspiration from a wide range of sub-cultures and genres. Actress Vicky McCLure is transformed into Steve Strange 'Visage' era, Jessie J is given the golden touch. Ellen Burton has six different looks from Adam Ant to Annie Lennox via Twiggy & Siouxsie Sioux. In addition the duo examine the concept of death masks in a series of images adorned with flowers, chains and metal studs. Mens' make-up is also explored. 

The hard-bound book, Andrew Gallimore by Rankin is available from all good retailers. Price: 55 EUROS



Diane Pernet

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