Antonio Contreras, Mexican Director at ASVOFF Mexico

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The Director Antonio Contreras at ASVOFF Mexico before the screening of his film. He titled this image "I want to be adored" I'm not sure which one of us that title applies to….but it reminds me of the opening scene in Opening Night when Gena Rowands said:

They want to be loved.
They have to be loved.
The whole world.
Everybody wants to be loved.

When I was 17, I could do anything.
It was so easy. My emotions were so close to the surface.

I’m finding it harder and harder to stay in touch.

John Cassavetes // Opening night : 1977

Back to living directors: Antonio Contreras' film  Morir Sonando will be in competition 2 screened Saturday Cinema 2 at 8pm and Sunday Petite Salle 20h30. Also he has a documentary La vida no vale nada (Life is worth nothing) screening Saturday Cinema 2 at 4pm.

PDF going up now for the entire program.





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