Ashish, spring 2015 – by Silvia Bombardini

Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,


As London Fashion Week nears its end, one might feel a bit like a weathered old sailor: slightly dizzy, you've grown a beard, and have more stories to tell that the kids will believe. You might fancy yourself hard to impress, until something will come to make you realize it's not time yet to swallow the anchor. On Tuesday, that was the job of Ashish's show: a shiny treasure of future spring/summer, unabashedly tempting in its own glossy ease. The staples of comfortwear – tracksuits, sweatshirts, pyjama pants or tank tops -are coated profusely in sequins  and rainbows, or rendered in glittering snakeskin, while clusters of tinsel and rhinestones adorn the rips and fringes of denim so electric it would conduct light. Occasionally, jewelled portraits of nowadays idols – Kim and Kanye, Miley – secure the collection firmly in our time. But it's the early 80s' cover of "That's The Way Boys Are" by No Wave feminist band Y Pants that takes care of the soundtrack, as from the top of the hair to the heel of their downy wedges, an impeccable all-black cast, featuring beautiful Winnie Harlow, sparkles.

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