Sweet memories from the shooting of Larry Clark’s ‘The Smell of Us” which I saw at Silencio last night

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Last night I attended an advance screening for Larry Clark's latest film, 'The Smell of Us'. The place – the David Lynch screening room at Silencio and Larry considers this his best film to date. The shoot was not an easy one as mid way through the film some of the actors went on strike (that could only happen in France)  so Larry had to restructure the film. Also two actors never showed up so actually Larry turned actor as well and took over their two parts. It is a film that is bound to have an impact on you and the cinematography is unmistakably Larry Clark.

As to how I ended up on the scene…Larry Clark asked Rad Hourani to invite a few of the guests a little early to his couture fashion show and that maybe they would end up in the film.  I am only on screen for a second as an extra but I am very well placed next to the actress Diane Rouxel. This was Diane's first film and clearly the camera loves her. She was a friend of one of the skaters who introduced her to the casting director and then to Larry.

 I do recommend you see it, a rather bleak landscape of characters but will not leave you untouched.




Diane Pernet

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