Dazed X McQ: boychild – by Silvia Bombardini


Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,


Thursday night, Dover Street, McQ. Vodka or coconut water are served among the scales and neons of an exclusively discounted Fall season. Anticipation, as they say, lingers in the air, but in a minute we're invited upstairs: Francesca Gavin, Dazed's own Visual Arts Editor, is set to interview none other than boychild, and it's an occasion we surely won't miss. It follows Tom Vek and Ewen Spencer as the third in a series of four in-store talks curated by Dazed, for wish to explore the intersections of technology and the arts. It needs not saying then, that boychild was just about the perfect guest. Flown right in from LA or outer-space, on a Lovejoy comet of bravery and bliss, boychild talks about fluidity, sincerity and the vocabulary of movement, make-up, Instagram and pop music, the dingy clubs in San Francisco where it all started and an upcoming, feature-length film.

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Portraits @boychild.