The disappearance of the fireflies.

Dear Diane, Dear shaded viewers,

It’s been a long time some my last report and I’m happy to be back with a highly skilled exhibition being held at the Yvon Lambert Collection in Avignon.



Phillippe Parreno.


Actually, the Foundation of the recently retired parisian art dealer (leaving the scene sad to see how the art market is replacing the Art) is going to be transferred to a bigger building still in Avignon so his team came up with an astonishing temporary venue: the old Prison de Saint Anne, right behind of the Palais de Papes.



Douglas Gordon.


More than 200 art works are displayed in three different levels of galleries of this prison that was still in use until some 10 years ago. The traces of those who inhabited this place being still present, their rumors audible. And the suspended pain on the air that becomes almost physical.



Roni Horn.


The art selection is really compelling and transfers perfectly on the spirit of the space. You never know if the space creates the mood of the installations or viceversa, the works create a scenography of distress.



Carl Andre.


Anyhow, the dialogue between both is so active that encloses you between walls of extreme despair and then, by moments, you feel being breathed by a certain emotional beauty. An inspiring hope. 



Wolfgang Tillmans.


The poetic title of the exhibition, “The disparition des lucioles” (“The disappearance of the fireflies”), taken from the lips of Pasolini, accompany you through this massive exhibition that resembles more, for it’s dimensions and ambitious achievement, a mini biennial than just an art show. 




Very little critic can be made of it’s accurate selection. Of course, we all have an opinion but it’s very ok to just enjoy what we’re seeing, let go of “yes but” and just wander through this bitter-sweet panoramic approach to all sides of love, where solitude and redemption meet. 



Jiri Kovanda.



Francesco Vezzoli.


Don’t miss it if you have the chance to come down south.



Artists exhibited:

Adel Abdessemed, Ai Weiwei, Francis Al

Mario Canal

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