Cosmo Gonik and his Sacro Sceptres

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Yesterday I had a little chat with the artist/actor Cosmo Gonik at Balm where his limited edition of 30 sceptres grace the walls. A few weeks ago when I visited Alejandro Jodorowsky he gave me a golden sceptre made by Cosmo and I can testify that when you hold the sceptre in your hand you feel protected and powerful. Naturally they usually end up on your wall but it is nice to take it down once in a while just to feel its power. Cosmo goes on to say that the sceptre is like a sword without a point, you do not need the point to hurt, it is the symbol of peace and the end to war.  It is held by Popes, Kings and Shaman.  I cannot think of a more timely symbol. Cosmo has been collecting bones of happy animals that died a natural death living free in the countryside ever since he was a child in Chile, in fact he has a treasure trove of bones at his home there. He divides his time between Paris and Chile. The clean white bones are sculpted and coated with resin. The colors are inspired by the tarot. Gold for the Sun which represents man, silver for the moon that represents woman, black for the depth and pink for the flesh, each color carries its own meaning. There is something surrealistic and totally magic in the work and you too can feel like an ancient centurion warding off evil. 

Click on the video and have Cosmo explain his work.


You can order one here:
Diane Pernet

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