Sibling, spring 2015 – text by Silvia Bombardini

Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,


From Agi & Sam to Christopher Shannon, teenage pains are suddenly a seasonal concern. Quite the unusual point of view, as to be expected, is nonetheless that of the Sibling clique. Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery venture this thorny theme with signature bravery, and through a most appropriate, almost syntactic poetic licence: a family of choice of their own, Sibling addresses the angst of the youth via its preferred act of retaliation. With the wisdom of hindsight, a certain inexplicable joy is to be found in the preternatural instinct to gather in tribes, the delight of that shared rage, the exclusivity, pride and loyalty of pack behaviour. Not least, the unforgettable brother- and sisterhoods formed in such tender transitional time. The urban warrior invoked every so often by modern menswear forgoes some of his balance in favour of the heady, rebellious extremes of an "anti-culture uniform": scarified denim and the punkest of crochets, skulls, leopard and bones, flaming red monochromes and the steady presence of aprons, already a must-have for spring 2015. And then, of course, hair: you and I both know what a pressing matter that might be all through one's teens. It's as a memento of sorts, perhaps, that viscose hair tunics and headpieces, braided and knitted in yarn, inaugurate the launch of Sibling's women's resort line – often, that's no secret, mostly a commercial endeavour, and yet with all that hair, artificial as it may be, one would be hard-pressed not to see it as anything but.

10am on Tuesday morning was perhaps too early for a standing ovation, but we tried.

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Photos by Christopher Dadey.