NVU with Brando De Sica a young director who loves horror films

Dear Shaded Viewers,

While in Florence for  Pitti Immagine,  I met Brando De Sica for the screening of his first fashion film for Antony Morato, now he is working on a short, dark, horror film for the launch of the bags of Catrinel Marlon. Catrinel Marlon is a model, actress, director and designer of bags. Catrinel and  Massimiliano di Lodovico, the producer of "The human voice" starring Sophia Loren, gave a beautiful after-party  for ASVOFF Rome in their lovely home . Brando De Sica and Catrinel and Massimiliano are all friends. There is a long history there, Brando's grandfather is Vittorio de Sica who was an Italian driector and actor and a leading figure in the neorealist movement.His films won four Academy Awards and of course Brando would like to carry on with that tradition.

The first film that Bando's dad ever took him to see was the Night of the Living Dead, he was five years old at the time. The second film was the Exorcist, it is no wonder that he is crazy about horror films and bizarre melodramas. He just started writing his first feature film….horror of course and I cannot wait to see it.




Diane Pernet

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