Lea Lund & Eric K “Etapes” / Little Big Galerie, Paris / 8 mars – 8 avril 2014

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Lea Lund met Erik K in Paris in July 2011. It was love at first site and and 40,000 camera clicks. They never left each other's side and he became her muse, her complice and her model in all the cities that they visited together. Each step in the relationship was a source of inspiration and a permanent search of their magical space. Erik would take full possession of the location with his faraway look, the nomad and the foreigner. They collaborate, they share ideas. Leais an artist of multiple talents, she chose photography as her option. For her photography is not that far from design. Erik K is a magnificant Dandy, he is noble when he poses, he is from the Congo. He is just himself which happens to be a Dandy. This work is an exploration of each other, their territory, how they see each other and the space around them.

Little Big Galerie 'ETAPES' from Lea Lund & Erik K

March 8 to April 8

Opening Saturday March 8 4-9pm.

45 rue Lepic 75018 Tuesday to Sunday 14h30 – 19h30 Saturday 11h – 19h30

Diane Pernet

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