Eckhaus Latta Fall/Winter 2014

Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

Zoe Latta and Mike Eckhaus set the mood for their F/W 14 collection with the following poetic verses:


Looking at the person next to you.

Laying my coat down on the seat next to me

We and we alone.


Others' and their suntans

Lovers' and their others

Choices and restedness


Safe word?

Royal jelly

a straw in the apiary

Most places come undone;

remember you were made to be used.



You were almost naked seen by the light of the refrigerator.

You were wrapping towel around your waist holding your breath.

Back tattoos and responsibilities.

When you bed's water broke.


Trying to separate the fat from the water.

Trying to organize the fantasy.


Utilizing deadstock materials and house-loomed woolens, their sliced and wrapped garments this season were constructed of fabrics including mohair upholstery velvet, military surplus blankets and flocked velvet. The color palette of neutrals like rust, ochre and navy, interspliced with splashes of lilac and bright red, let the textures of each look – such as rabbit fur halter tops, shearling skirt suits and flannel wrap dresses – take center stage.

Overall, there was a simultaneous sense of comfort and experimentation in these pieces, a reincarnation of the familiar in a rather unfamiliar form. Or to put it in Eckhaus Latta's words, the perfect balance between organization and fantasy.