Nicholas K Fall/Winter 2014

Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

Given New York's current resemblance to an Arctic landscape, the Nicholas K F/W collection could have made it straight off the runway into the icy streets of the city – last but not least thanks to the black rubber footwear.

Drawing on the brand's luxe sportswear aesthetic, Nicholas and Christopher Kunz sent out low-slung drawstring pants, cozy cocoon coats, oversized fur hoods and leather cargo shorts. The looks were predominantly held in colors of black, indigo, heather grey and burgundy and accessorized with eel knot bracelets. Slouchy silhouettes were given an extra dose of sex appeal thanks to midriff-baring, one-shouldered bra tops underneath the softly draped jackets.

Maybe it was the eerily thumping tracks by John Gaiser and Kollektiv Turmstrasse or the models' asymmetrically cut black bobs, but the whole collection gave off a Lisbeth Sander-esque vibe, which even post Girl with the Dragon Tattoo mania is always a good thing.