Memory lane -almost 6 years ago March 2008 at Blog.mode: addressing fashion at the Metropolitan Museum with Harold Koda

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Working on my autobiography and came across some old photos from Sunday at the Metropolitan Museum when Harold Koda invited me to a blogging panel at the Met with Cathy Horyn and Sartorialist. It was a funny experience for many reasons. I remember opening my computer one day and reading the e mail from Harold…A warm greeting from Harold Koda and the Metropolitan Museum, I could hardly believe my eyes. Seems that when the Met was preparing the Blog.Mode: addressing fashion exhibition.  Andrew Bolton brought my blog to the attention of Harold Koda. I had not been back to NYC in ages and could not think of a better way to return than a panel at the Metropolitan Museum. Wish that i had saved the e mail but I'm not the best with archives. Anyway it was a nice opportunity to see Harold and some old and new friends. Roxanne Lowit, Graham Tabor, Miguel Villalobos and John Rynski. 

Harold was a close friend of my close friend Stephen DiPietri, they had both worked for years under Diana Vreeland at the Met so the friendship went back decades although we'd lost track and it was Andrew Bolton than knew about my blog, not Harold, as it turned out. At any rate it was a warm reception and quite touched me to be there. The photos are from the Sunday at the Met and after with my old friends:  John Rynski who was my downstairs neighbor in the West Village making videos for Kit Creole and the Coconuts and my new friends, at the time, Graham Tabor and Miguel Villalobos, they look like midgets in this photo which always makes me laugh. Pat Kurs was an old friend of mine from the 80's and used to be a stylist working with the  likes of Avedon and Helmut Newton.



Diane Pernet

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