Octavio Pizarro winter collection

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I cannot remember exactly when we met but, it was in Paris and I think it was when he was selected to revive the House of Jacques Fath and I was the fashion editor at Joyce Hong Kong. He is the only designer I know from Chile but on my one trip to Santiago with Robb Young, Octavio was in his other home,Paris. It is funny because last night I saw that Bryan Boy is in Chile and visiting Valparaiso, a place Octavio had suggested Robb and I visit. I think that I'd heard too much about Valparaiso for it to live up to what I imagined it would be. Back to the point of this post, Octavio's designs mix his Latin American roots with French savoir-faire. I appreciate how he uses materials from Chile and a sensual South American style while crafting his elegant collection.





Diane Pernet

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