Last day of ASVOFF 6 at Centre Pompidou and a few highlights all photos by Shoji Fujii

Dear Shaded Viewers,

A few highlights from our closing day at Centre Pompidou. I think it is safe to say that it was a success. We screened documentaries, in and out of competition films, a Focus on films by Serge Lutens, Christophe Lemaire was given a Carte Blanche and chose to screen the film Interiors by Woody Allen, Peroni has continued to support our activities and seems like everyone is happy to have them with us, We ended the night with a concert by Tomorrow's World, 'Inside Tomorrow's World' … I am going to make a separate post on Tomorrow's World. Their album is out now so you will be able to enjoy their hypnotic music.

A huge thank you to everyone for their support and especially Centre Pompidou and of course Geraldine Gomez for inviting ASVOFF in the first place 5 years ago, and Batiste Coutureau for making sure all technical aspects worked well, Renault, how am I going to live without my electric ZOE and my amazing driver Gael…, hotel Marignan Paris that gave luxury, beauty and comfort to our treasured guests…Delta for bringing Sarah Neufeld to us, Blakiston Gallery in Perth for supporting us for the 3rd time, BLESS YOU Liza and Michael Blakiston, Linda Loppa for jumping in and giving an inspiring lecture, Patrice L. Nagel for allowing us the pleasure to screen the incredibly inspired and inspiring work of the master, Serge Lutens, Make Up For Ever for their contribution to beauty, MK2 for screening our teaser, my precious jury for taking the time to screen 3 hours of short listed submissions, the director's for submitting their films, Silva Silva the great web designers Hendrik Schneider and Till Janz with the help of Josh and Sabrina Polley than managed to make the new website live for the launch of ASVOFF 6, we will still be fine tuning it but…it is up, David Herman for taking a lot of weight on his shoulders for the 6th year in a row and Jason Last for putting it altogether, Akiko Hamaoka for just being there, Robin Meason for her support Antoine Scalese for making sure all went smoothly with the cars and the films and all the production details that need attention, Shoji Fujii for being speed kind and documenting the event, David Melgarejo Vicente for making al of our title cards and giving a huge hand on the production, my interns: Ivana Culjak, Sophie Joy Wright, Savo Debernardis, Shalini Kellinghaus and our ASVOFF angel: Michael Hadida from Be To See for giving ASVOFF a new home, Juriji Der Klee for his performance and Carole for her organization and le Baron for the venue.. more than anything I feel blessed to have such a devoted teamand Castro NYC for this beautiful one of a kind white angel that does not want to leave my neck…. 



Diane Pernet

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