SELLING DREAMS & AUSTRALIAN GLAMOUR on show at NSW State Library, Sydney

Dear Diane, Dear Shaded Viewers,

I've been flying between Auckland and Sydney for a research trip and about to return to good old Europe in a couple of days. I was very lucky to have had a wonderful personal tour of 2 fascinating exhibitions: Australian Glamour, curated by State Library fashion historian Margot Riley (who studied as a dress historian with Valerie Steele and kindly took me on the tour) and Selling Dreams, One Hundred Years of fashion Photography curated by Victoria and Albert Museum. 


Dorn Fraser models imported hat for cover, Fashion and Society, (October 1945) photo by Rob Hillier from Australian Glamour.

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Tim Walker, Lily Cole and Giant Camera (2004) from Selling Dreams.

The exhibition Selling Dreams begins in the 1900

Alexandra Murray-Leslie

Alexandra is an artist researcher in Wearable Technologies and co-founder of the art band Chicks on Speed. She is currently Guest Research Fellow at Music Technology Group, University Pompeu Fabra Barcelona and Adjunct Faculty at Interface Cultures / Fashion & Technology, University of the Arts, Linz.