Now that the Versace Mansion is facing auction I thought I’d revisit a photo shoot with Roxanne Lowit at The Villa by Barton G aka the home of Gianni Versace

The Villa by Barton G

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I was reading the NYTimes on line this morning and heard that the Versace Mansion is facing auction so made me think of my one and only trip to Miami for ASVOFF Miami Basel a few years ago. Roxanne absolutely wanted me to be in a photo shoot she was doing for the the boutique hotel, The Villa by Barton G.


How can you come to Miami and not visit the  one time home of Gianni Versace. It is nolonger a private mansion instead it has been  transformed into The Villa by Barton G, a very exclusive hotel. This beautiful tiled swimming pool made me even consider jumping in…it was closed anyway.


Roxanne Lowit 

Roxanne Lowit showed me around the villa while telling me some beautiful memories back in the days when Gianni was living there. Apparently he was a very gracious host.

This was Gianni's bed, it has got to be the biggest bed I've ever seen.

The terrace on the top floor

Vincent Gagliostro and I photo by Roxanne Lowit

2012 DP in Miami by Roxanne Lowit
photo by Roxanne Lowit



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