Asia Argento & the opening party for the Ermanno Scervino boutique in Rome during Alta Roma. Photos & text by Glenn Belverio


Tiptoe Through the Tulips, Italiano-style: Asia Argento brought her ukulele to the Ermanno Scervino cocktail and belted out an impromptu ditty from her new–and first–album, “Total Entropy.”


Dear Shaded Viewers,

During Alta Roma in Rome, I attended the opening cocktail for Ermanno Scervino’s new fashion boutique on the via del Babuino (across the street from Tiffany’s). The exciting news is that Ermanno Scervino’s new “protaganist”, the brand’s campaign model, is none other than Asia Argento.

I adore Asia Argento and, as many of you know, I am a huge fan of her father’s films. In 2005, I interviewed Dario Argento at his office in Rome, at the invitation of the Turino Film Commission and Turino Tourism. (It wasn’t easy to convince them at first, as they didn’t want to promote Rome. So, they flew me to Turin after my interview where I promoted the city’s tourism with gusto by making a beeline to their rather excellent gay sauna.)

Asia burst onto the world stage, or at least how I remember it, in Dario Argento’s controversial film “The Stendhal Syndrome” (1996) in which the then 20-year-old Asia portrayed a rape victim who takes on her attacker’s dark persona. (She did start acting at age 9 and appeared in her father’s film “Trauma” in 1993. But I don’t think I became aware of her until I saw “Stendhal Syndrome.”) She’s had a colorful career since then, fraught with drama and gossip to be sure, including her delightful star turn as Madame du Barry in “Marie Antoinette.” (And I’ll always treasure the scene in her film “Scarlet Diva” when she plunges into a mosh pit while pregnant.) Asia is currently married to film director Michele Civetta.

Last month, Italian Vogue reported on Asia’s new career as the muse for Ermanno Scervino.

“As she has cinema in her blood, no-one knows the world of cinema like Asia does. I love her evolution: every small thing of her expresses a charm that is in a continuous evolution. When I imagined a face for the new woman by  Ermanno Scervino, I immediately thought about her” the designer said.

“Together with Asia,” Scervino contintues, “we wanted to tell a new style, that looks towards the past but is immediately projected towards the future. Never be nostalgic.”

The video for the campaign, featuring Asia describing her childhood, is pretty great and can be seen here on the Italian Vogue site.



Before Asia arrived at the party in a burst of glorious punk-rock impudence, as if she had been shot from a cannon, the soiree was a rather soigné affair. Men in expensive suits and women dressed as if they had raided Halson’s closet floated in circles around the crowded room through champagne bubbles and a DJ set of fabulously louche ’70s disco. Such a refreshing change from the typical New York fashion party, where douchey faux-hemian “DJs” try and fail to spin their way out of a wet reclaimed hemp paper bagand everyone is dressed like they’re competing in a Chloe Sevigny costume challenge.



Darling, I ONLY wear endangered species! (Just kidding! These pieces are made from beaver–or is it pony hair?–printed to look like leopard. I need that coat for my next skiing jaunt in Gstaad.)



I think I found a new chair for my apartment! Nunzia snapped this photo of me chilling out in the shop’s lingerie salon.



I was mad for the chandelier. I wonder if I can snag a smaller version for my Mao Room?



Double trouble with Nunzia Garoffolo.



Possessed by Andy.


Fashion designer Paola Balzano, Nunzia and turban designer Genevieve Xhaet.


Nunzia and Alta Roma organizer Conseulo Aranyi, who was feeling the effects of the hectic zaniness of organizing a major fashion event.



And here’s Asia in the brand’s campaign. The photos were shot by Francesco Carrozzini in an old delabré Milanese theatre, chosen for its film-noir ambiance.


Asia arrives at the party with her entourage…


…and about 100 members of Rome’s paparazzi. A real La Dolce Vita moment. The photogs are snapping Asia’s reflection in the mirror behind the DJ booth.


Asia warming up on her ukulele before she gave an impromptu performance to promote her album.

I quite like this song and video (“Sexodrome”) from “Total Entropy”:



Not sure who in the crowd changed her demeanor. Cue Sonic Youth’s “She’s in a Bad Mood.”



Love this shot.



Nunzia in a Fellini-esque postmodern mood right before she made her escape from the party.


Thanks for reading.

Ciao, baci, prego,

Glenn Belverio


Glenn Belverio

Glenn Belverio is a writer and New Yorker. He has been reporting for ASVOF since 2005 and currently works at The Museum of Modern Art as the Content Manager for MoMA Design Store.