Israeli designer Dorin Frankfurt’s vested vision of “a city that might have been”



For high-summer, Dorin Frankfurt has commissioned a montage series inspired by Martin Parr's "Boring Postcards" where her designs have been superimposed onto the city of Bat Yam, an anachronistic point on the map huddling the outskirts of Tel-Aviv.  Bat Yam seems to be a microcosm of Israeli-Palestinian history, conflict, co-existence, cooperation and abandon which is full of sites and stories that are at odds with one another yet which somehow inspire and allure thought-provoking personalities like Dorin.  Hasidic Jews, Arabs both Christian and Muslim alike, Vietnamese refugees, Turkish Jews, the Beta community descended from the Aliyah from Ethiopia and Siberian Soviet waves of emigrants all live here cheek by jowl.  No wonder she's calling the collection "Bat Yam Rococo" – that's quite an ethnic flourish.  I for one can't wait for my long-overdue follow-up trip to Tel-Aviv.  Look out you all — you know who you are!  Later, Robb Young           (photos  by Miki Kratsman and styled by Maayan Goldman)