Wow/Cracy aka The endless Fashion week and how crowdfunding has entered the fashion arena


Devilfish by Incredible Creatures, Mario Salvucci Devilfish symbolizes freedom, beauty and elegance. The amulet protects us and our loved ones and represents the element water.


The lily signified the sacred flower of the Mother Goddess in ancient cultures and is a symbol for purity,chastity, nobility and pride.

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Emerging designers looking for a way to raise financial support might want to take a look at the new crowd funding site, Wowcracy. Lucas Vigliocco, Andrea Gulisano Mrco Torello and Davide Tronzano are behind the new platform that was launched June 10th. 

Wowcracy is a new tool for the fashion community. Mostly dedicated to international fashion designers and brands. Using Wowcracy you have a possibility to pre-sell you fashion collection. There is no cost participate. No credit risk and no more unsold inventory! It is also a press opportunity because the fashion designer is at the center of attention. When you submit a collection to Wowcracy you can engage with your buyers and fans to pre-sell your fashion collection. In less than a week (from june 10 2013) international fashion designers have already collected the first pre-orders for their latest work. More will be featured on a rolling basis.  

Wowcracy is a new revenue stream for fashion and it is a new way to interpret the approach it. By staging a fashion designer as the center of attention and by giving him or her the possibility to pre-sale his collection directly to the fashion community is a great opportunity to engage with everyone. 


Wowcracy is the community where fashion designers and brands have the possibility and to constantly showcase their new collections and to connect with the fashion community in real time. Everyone can pre-order new fashion collections and set a new fashion trend. Whether you are a fashion brand, a international fashion designer or a top creative talent, you can use Wowcracy to pre-sell your new fashion collection. 


If you are into fashion, with Wowcracy you can pre-order the latest fashion pieces directly from international fashion designers and brands All you need to do is find projects that are worth your attention. Then you can shop endlessly by selecting items from the collections that Wowcracy fashion designers create exclusively for you.


You will be able to browse through fashion collections and designers

Diane Pernet

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