A visit to Ilaria Nistri show room text Stefania Seoni

Dear Diane, dear shaded viewers

It  was nice to meet Ilaria Nistri in her Milan showroom, especially to see  her the AW13 14 collection, and  understand how passionate she is about her work.Her showroom in Milan has a unique charm and expresses the soul of the brand Her  predominantly black collection is softened by a bright light.

The collection reflects a thin poetic gothic line, shapes are soft with fluid fabrics giving harmony . Each garment has a strength,  with a fair,  precise feminility as seen in the  shirt dressing gown taken from the male wardrobe, printed on the back  like a  Pollock painting. The skirts are long ,intersect at the front,  the silk and  leather belts  as panels change the outfit giving unexpected vitality. She loves to layer her garments.

 Materials are precious:  from the satin viscose with a powdery effect, with a futuristic tone-on-tone black tartan, declined in coats and tunics. This texture  enhances the difference between glossy and matte, giving a two-dimensional effect.
A minimalism for an apparent warrior woman, which transforms  hardness into extreme femininity , like a sound that you can hear only  when there's absolute silence .

2013-05-23 15.01.36
Love the kimono shirt jacket  with  prints on the back
photo Stefania Seoni33_ILARIANISTRI_AW1314

2013-05-23 15.05.33
 One of my  fav pieces sillver  leather jacket with zippers photo S.S.



deep blue is one of the focus color of the collection

2013-05-23 14.32.02(1)
The showroom and the lovely catering

2013-05-23 15.00.22(2)
love this belt photo S.S