Receiving the XIII Felicidad Duce Fashion award last night in Barcelona


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Dear Shaded Viewers,

I went directly from FLorence to Barcelona making two presentations in two countries in one day, that is a first for me. I was posting directly from my iPhone to typepad but suddenly it isn't working anymore…

NGabriel Torres and Alba Aragon
Gabriel Torres, Designer Manager Studies at Fd Moda Barcelona and Alba Aragon came to pick me up at the airport and we walked to the Fabricia Moritz from my hotel.

Receiving XIII  Felicidad Duce Fashion Award
Super sweet to receive the award presented to me by Ms. Mercedes Freixas, Honorary President of the school and sister of the founder, Felicidad Duce.

Before the Q & A I screened an 8 minute film documenting the festival's past, edited by the Director, Jason Last.

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Gabriel Torres Fd moda BCN





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