The trip that never happened


N DP at Gare du Nord

The trip that never happened

Jason Last

NDp Marco

Marco de Rivera 

Dear Shaded Viewers,

As a refreshing moment after fashion week Jason Last, Marco de Rivera and I had planned a day trip to the Palais de Compeigne to see the light installation of Stephan Breuer. The sun was shining brightly, we were all in a great mood, tickets in hand and suddenly we look at the departure chart and…our train was cancelled. Trip off so we decided to go have lunch at Nanashi instead. I might add that this is the second day in a row when my train trip had to be cancelled. Let's just say France has no idea how to deal with a little bit of snow.

The trip that never happened

The trip that never happened

Very shaded group photo my Liz Vegas, great name, no?

The trip that never happened

We shared a piece of green tea cake, looked a lot more appetizing when it arrived at the table.

After lunch Marco took me to an amaxing exhibition of photographs of Chanel by Willy Rizzo. I am waiting for them to send me a few jpegs which I really want to show you, but till then..

DP at Willy Rizzo window
Studio Willy Rizzo

12 rue de Verneuil

75007 Paris

Open monday to saturday 11 to 13h and 14h – 19h highly recommended by ASVOF

Down the street we paid homage to serge gainsbourg

NDP Serge Gainsb
That is enough photos of me for one day.



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