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XxItalian designers at Capsule

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Today I passed by Capsule to meet with the group of 10 Italian Talentsworking around the theme to promote the values of the Italian tradition and innovation curated by Federico Poletti. I have a small selection to show you of the clothes, hats, shoes  and bags. Each one has their own story. More later on that but here is a little teaser.

Paolo Errico
Paolo Errico is the only one of the designers that I had already interviewed before in Paris, his clothing is the epitome of modernity, minimal and sophisticated fashion focused on geometrical forms combined with innovative use of materials and colors . His specialty is fine knits, I even have one of them and it is a treasure to wear, fine, soft and 100% Italian. http://www.paoloerrico.comNFlavia La Rocca

Flavia La Rocca, she likes to play with modular pieces that express individual style that can take the wearer from day into night. One piece is lurex on one side and a solid fabric on the other.

NFlavia wearing Francesco Ballestrazzi
Flavia La Rocca modeling a hat by Francesco Ballestrazzi. Francesco Ballestrazzi is considered the Stephen Jones of Italy, he does not feel ready to assume the title but has so many ideas heneeds to express. His hats come from many influences ranging from literature to cinema and art.

Ndesigners Badura Roma bags
The designers behind the brand Badura Roma which consists of handmade bags, fabricated in Rome.Research, investment, hard work and experimentation leads this brand to create their bags made in Italy.

NBadura Roma bag
Badura Roma bag, I think it takes 17 hours to make.

NA-Lab Milano
The designers behind the brand A Lab Milano, they specialize in original prints. A-Lab uses sculptural shapes and cuts as the basis of each piece. There is a fusion between masculine tailoring and feminine tailoring.

NA Lab Milano 5
One of the A Lab Milano prints

NArthur ARbesser 1
Arthur Arbesser who likes to play with crossing genders, little boy looks for women. His collection is characterized by a style that balances a quirky boyish influence and elegant minimalist sobriety with a strong focus on colour, print and quality.

NCaterina Gatta  Frieda collaection
Caterina Gatta has researched and found vintage fabrics from designers from the 80's like Versace and reworks them under a Frieda Khalo atmosphere. The vintage fabrics from famous designers comes from her passion for a fashion which draws from the past but looks to the future. Her dream is to go to Mexico City and visit her house.

NVivetta IT furniture inspired
The brand Vivetta was inspired by furniture design and combines super contemporary silhouettes with a distinctly vintage feal with beautiful designs and unexpected details.

My camera ran out of battery so we are missing the Sonia Delaunay inspired shoe collection, Melis Yildiz Design. The feminine shoes with artisanal details form the main characteristic of the shoe and accessory brand.

Alos missing Comeforbreakfast: Love that name, their esthetic codes translate in the research through a delicate balance with fabrics, volumes and textiles. http://www.


NDP and Federico

Federico Poletti



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