Graham Tabor and Miguel Villalobos’ world travelling whale has just swam its way back from Beijing and arrived at Dancing Diablo Studios in New York


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Beautifully wrapped from JOYCE Beijing

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The world travelling whale has just arrived in New York and is being assembled in the Dancing Diablo Studios.

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Photos taken by Graham Tabor with his iPad.

Grajales' spring show will highlight Tabor & Villalobos one of a kind sculptural jewelry along with their sculpture and drawing series,  Hic et Nunc. Although this is their first US exhibition of their sculpture they have previously been exhibited in Paris at the Brachfeld Gallery, their photographic work along with their one of a kind jewelry and sculptures were exhibited at Portal +, the contemporary art gallery in Perth, , in Tokyo at HAPPA Space and at JOYCE Gallery in Beijing. A partial list of where their hand crafted, limited edition jewelry has been sold internationally includes:  JOYCE – HK, 10 Corso Como, in Seoul, Patron of the New, in New York, Portal + in Perth, Australia and Colette in Paris and this Spring in Barneys NYC.


Grajales has already shown the work of Tabor and Villalobos' single commission jewelry as part of her exhibitions at Art Basel/Design Miami and the Pavilion of Art and Design, London.

Cristina Grajales Gallery – 10 Green St. 4th floor, NYC

Contact: Lindsay Johnson –




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