Aurora Fashion Week Russia and ASVOFF Saint Petersburg…a diary, Day 3 a meeting with designers and bloggers and historians


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Dear Shaded Viewers,

It was a very busy Sunday but I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with the designers, fashion historians and bloggers. 

Q & A Sunday copy
Ekaterina Puchkova at the office
Ekaterina Puchkova at her Aurora headquarters, location of our bloggers/designers/historians..meeting

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Anastasia Kuryokhin

Uliana Kim
Uliana Kim
Maksim Antonov and Sanan Gasanov

Maksim Antonov and Sanan Gasanov, starts Antwerp Academy in October

Mikhailovsky Theatre
To end the day we went to the  Mikhailovsky Theatre but I think I was much too tired to appreciate the opera "La Juive" and after a short while I asked Ekaterina Puchkova if she would be okay if we just left. I think I caused a bit of a scandel when I did not want to give the theatre my coat to check. Then leaving, well, the idea was for it to be a treat, not a torture and I was too tired to appreciate it. It was in French but all 3 of us speak French and could not understand one word of it, maybe one word, and then, sub titles in Russian.  We all know the story and it was only going to get more depressing and that was not at all what I was in the mood for.  I had asked to be taken there but I guess all I really wanted to see was the theatre and it is lovely.

Our last dinner with Ekaterina

Our last dinner with Ekaterina Puchkova

DP by frozen river
Venice of the North

Cup of dome
Roof of the W Hotel
Last night we went to the terrace above the 8th floor of the W Hotel Saint Petersburg beautiful view with a definite chill in the -6 c air.

Final goodbye at the airport
Ekaterina Puchkova took me to the airport and I say goodbye to Saint Petersburg and my friends from Aurora fashion week.



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