Aurora Fashion Week Russia and ASVOFF Saint Petersburg…a diary, Day 2- the screening


DP Ekatrina

Ekaterina  Puchkova came to the W Hotel St. Petersburg to pick Robb Young and I up and bring us to the venue. There was a dress code…guess what color?

Back of the car Robb 13
I have to say that Robb Young and I had a really great driver the entire visit.

Robb Young and Ekaterina  Puchkova

I have to say that Robb Young and I had a really great driver the entire visit, luxury for me is having a driver 24/7.

Ekaterina DP screening
Anastasia Kuryokhin, Ekaterina  Puchkova before the screening began

Dear Shaded Viewers,

1 audience ASVOFF St Petes
Full house

A very good looking crowd filled the "Kino Teatr" Cinema in the Angletere Hotel, Malaya Morskaya str., 24. 

The screenings were divided up into two sections, the international selection from Paris and the competition section, mostly from Russia but also international. And…the winner was 18 year old Sasha Seagull for his film Stairway and the Public Prize went to Pray for Fashion for their film, Fashion is Always Uncomfortable. 

Montage russian films Robb

Sasha Chjka
Sasha Chajka

At 18, Sasha is the youngest director ever to win a prize at ASVOFF, he could hardly believe it. I did not know his age when I chose his film, not that it would have made any difference. He is passionate and I'm sure someone to watch.

Party Picture from ASVOFF St Petes
Michael Bazhenov
Michael Bazhenov
EK, Robb DP at dinner


After the projections we were invited to an amazing dinner at the Mansarda Restaurant, and a party continued. Dinner finished around 2 am.



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