“My Last Mistake” Nunzio Del Prete F/W text Stefania Seoni, photos Roba Fleur


 Nothing is a mistake. There is no win and no fail. There is only makeJohn Cage

Dear Diane, dear shaded viewers,

An emotional jet
lag  inspired  the collection : a trip between Naples (city where Nunzio was
born) and Paris (city where he currently lives), that still continues in
several changes of underground lines . Nunzio  has played with what is one of the strongest
features of  his being : his  roots.

the prints  clash  with each others ,  becoming schizophrenic in some cases almost bad taste, as  naive 
absurd combinations,  something that  you see sometimes on the streets of Naples, a mistake that only  a color-blind person could accomplish. A
contrast of  "classic" side , you can see this in the stylistic
references for the  mens shirts, or in the reference to office wear. The excess of the street in a 
city of south Italy , the 
freedom and  the anarchy collide with the formalities of the 
office uniform.

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photos: Roba Fleur
styling: Mariaelena Morelli
models: Thomas Lagr