Koonhor fall winter presentation at NEXTagency, text Stefania Seoni



Dear Diane,
dear shaded viewers,

I had the
pleasure of meeting   Catrine and Koor , the founders of the brand, Koonhor, ,
during a pleasant afternoon at NEXTagency, the two designers are
quiet, friendly and ironic .

Their collection shows is
great attention to volumes with each piece having a life of its own,
with a contemporary sensibility. 

The women's
wardrobe is enriched with new pieces like the oversized leather
bomber, built on important volumes.

The choice of different fabrics declined on the same
piece gives vitality , modulates  the collection with  rhythm . Catrine and Koor ,translate their different visions
into their own touch . Although the designers are based in Singapore, the entire
collection is produced in Italy. The linguistic misunderstandings between the designers and the Italian manufacturers actually worked for the best , interestingly enough. 






The lines are defined, rigorous but sensual , in perfect balance.

later Stefania