Linder Femme/Object and The Ultimate FOrm Performance at Musee D’Art Moderne, Paris


Group shot with Pam Hogg and Alexis
Pam Hogg and Arakis and Martin Clark, curator of Tate St. Ives

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Thanks to Pam Hogg I had a fantastic evening attending, and discovering, The Ultimate Form, dance performance, it was sensational and the costumes,well more on that later, but designed by Pam Hogg. The relationship that the dancers had between each other was both tender and strong at the same time. Intimate, graceful, otherworldly beautiful aliens and all wearing Pam Hogg.

The Ultimate Form 1
They created amazing forms, well The Ultimate Form is the name of the dance company…

Fave male dancer
These two dancers were mesmerizing

Ultimate form in the air
3 girls ultimate form


The short ballet was  choreographed by Northern Ballet

Diane Pernet

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