Iris Van Herpen’s electrifying couture collection


The electrifying opening at the Grand Hotel


Dear Shaded Viewers,

The collection was inspired by a childhood dream of a Voltage in the sky. Iris explores electricity in her 4th couture collection in Paris. She designs as if she was  an alchimist and her 3D work pushes the boundaries of couture and leaves us feeling fulfilled, isn't the 'laboratory of ideas' what couture was supposed to be in its purest form? Iris is the first designer to realise her creations with the help of 3D impressions.  Her collaborators include: Neri Oxman and Keren Oxman from MIT Media Lab and the architect Julia Koerner and Materialise. Wicked….next up, her ready to wear collection.

You might enjoy an interview Philippe Pourhashemi did with Iris May 2010 for ASVOF.




Diane Pernet

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