Devon Halfnight LeFlury “Six Eye Owl” at RA by No

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I walked across the snow and miraculously alighted at RA  14 rue de la Corderie, I met  Devon Halfnight LeFlury, a young graduate from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Anvers.

"Six Eye Owl is a boys club where there is no line between "Thug Life" and naive innocents. Taking his cues from the Seance performances of AA Bronson, the Photographer Ari Marcopolis, Devon's Bachelor collection creates a patchwrok dreamscape where unguarded purity and thug life are equal. The juxtaposition of fine laces and delicately hand embroidered leather appliques, to rough American work wear fabrics and innocently applied child's glitter, imbues Six Eye Owl with the spirit of a teenager and heart of a vagabond magpie. The members of Six Eye Owl gather in the forest each night to conjure spirits from the other side, but they just end up playing with polaroids and painting sticks with glitter. Six Eye Owl has overt references to American work wear as well as a love for the freshness of youth culture and in this collection these two elements meet creating an unassuming version of modern menswear that simultaneously expresses wearability and fiction."







Six eye owl 30

Six eye owl 16


Six eye owl 40

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