paolobongia opens in Beverly Hills

Paolo 1

Paolo 4

Paolo 5

The house of paolobongia has opened its exquisite doors in
Beverly Hills and is making everyone on the block drool. paolobongia reveals himself
as a multifaceted artist, and his individual designs reflect the different
personalities and lifestyle of each woman. From the material, shape and size,
to diamond and sapphires, each and every one of his distinct pieces seems to
envelope the finger with its delicate beauty. Speaking of beauty, designer/architect Gulla Jonsdottir was brought on to create the look
of the space. If anyone knows the sophisticated and luxurious its Jonsdottir,
who is behind some of the most sumptuous properties around the globe including;
The Thompson Hotel, Double Seven New York, Red O, Hotel La Jolla, Grauman