Thanksgiving dinner chez Vincent Gagliostro and Richard Nahem


Vincent Rose Kuo Eugene Hernandez
Vincent Gagliostro, Film Society Lincoln Center's Rose Kuo, Executive Director and Eugene Hernandez

Dear Shaded Viewers,

In true Thanksgiving spirit, I spent time with friends and ate a little too much…my favorite moment was when we tried the self timer on the camera and with all the filmmakers present, it took about a half a dozen tries to get the the thing to work. I have to ask for the photo but it was right out of a Wes Anderson film. 

Valentin Jardinier Almodovarat vincents
Valentin Jardinier Almodovar

I don't know why but I hardly used my camera to document the night. It was sweet…I should not even think about sweet, I had so many pies and cake later chez Rick Owens where the Thanksgiving celebration continued. Imagine, I did not take one photo there of the longest dinner table full of smiling faces.



Diane Pernet

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